EVENT RECAP: Coffee & Jam #233

In this session, Rheanna Walsh will talk to us about the Festival of Trees and Deacon Henry will elaborate on the journey of 1 More Round. 

Rheanna Walsh is currently working on starting a charity arts festival called Festival of Trees to be powered completely by artists under 30. The festival will be held in the Great Hall at the Arts Centre July 19th - 21st next year. Artists will work with sponsors to create a display under the theme of trees, the size and height of which will be dictated by the level of sponsorship of the business they’re working with.

Deacon Henry is the owner and top trainer at Christchurch's Boxing Fitness Centre 1 More Round. He has lots of experience as a personal trainer and an amateur boxer with 60 fights under his belt. Deacon started his business in 2011. For a high energy fitness class visit 1 More Round at 166 St. Asaph Street open 6am-7:30pm or go on the website here to book a class.


Speaker One: Rheanna Walsh about Festival for Trees

Rheanna has been heavily involved in the arts and theatre scene in Christchurch for over a decade. She’s currently undertaking her biggest venture yet with Festival of Trees, a charity arts festival to be powered completely by artists under 30 and will take place in New Zealand for the first time in July 2018. She believes in magic, is passionate about making things happen, and thinks listening to children is the best thing we can do for the world.

Rheanna was born in Canada but moved to Christchurch with her family and has always been involved in the arts mainly music and theatre which evolved into Event Management and teaching University students and high school students. But her newest venture is the Festival of Trees NZ.

Festival of Trees is a mid-winter charity festival powered by artists under 30 with a theme of trees. It's based off a Christmas festival that runs in Canada, but in New Zealand will focus on showcasing young talent and raising awareness and funds to protect our native forests and animal species. In 2018, proceeds will be donated to Forest & Bird.  Find out more about one of Canada's Festivals of Trees here.

The event schedule would look a bit like this: Morning  - A collaboration with Kidsfest an interactive theatre event for children. Then at midday to 6pm every day the festival is open to wander through the stalls and craft stalls in the Great Hall at Christchurch’s Arts Centre.

Each display will feature a prize donated by the sponsor. You can bid on these via a silent auction that opens at the beginning of the festival and close at the end of the last day. There will be young musicians from around Christchurch featured – we’ve got seven slots open each day, roaming magicians, as well as craft stalls and the opportunity to meet the artists that made each piece.

That’s why Rheanna’s here! She needs sponsors, volunteers, artists under 30 – contact her with the details below!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FestivalofTreesNZ/ or contact the team on their website:  https://www.festivaloftrees.co.nz/ or Rheanna at rheanna.walsh@gmail.com

This 3 day event is happening in July 2018 so please get involved early. It will be held at the beautiful Great Hall, Arts Centre in Christchurch.

 Rheanna Walsh photo 233

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT – from Year 8s and 9s from Mount Pleasant School, pitching ideas for their market day.

First group: The Sparkle Co

-          3 products, banners, mini bunting and soda stream
-          Christmas mini bunting, red and green
-          1.50, 2.00 with a profit of 50c
-          Pineapple and lemon, lime and bitters soda stream drinks

Second group: Room 8/9 – Busy Bees

-          Bookmarks
-          Friendship bracelets, loomband and separate loom rings

Thursday 7th December, 1:30-3pm at Mount Pleasant School, see you there!


Speaker Two: Deacon Henry from 1 More Round

 At 1MoreRound it’s all about getting fit without getting hit guys! The Boxing Fitness Centre offers loads of different classes - She box, he box, youth box (aged 6 -14) and something for the aged as well. They’ve got incredibly happy customers whose lives have been transformed by getting fit.

How it all started explains Deacon Henry, the Founder, in 2011 Deacon and his wife came back from their OE, the September earthquakes had happened and then Feburary 2011 and they were still young so his wife wanted to leave but Deacon wanted to stay here and start this.

Deacon has a passion for boxing, fitness and training, helping others stay fit.

The important thing for us is the people, we started with 3 bags and 4 classes. We needed people coming in people who wanted to become fitter and discover their fighting spirit.

A real struggle for Deacon was to admit it was bigger than him and to hire more personnel. It was hard to find a mix of people who knew about boxing, the fitness industry experience, but also experienced exercise class instructors. Deacon needed to find that spot in the middle, what he soon realised is that he couldn’t find that one person! You have to hire for each side and mold them to the way we worked at 1MoreRound.

Another challenge was staying relevant, staying motivated with the different types of classes, maintaining products and services, our first big upgrade – two new classes our first boxing-style yoga, TRX resistance training. Deacon says trying to build on those things has been a real challenge; all those business owners out there will understand!

Counter Punch Parkinson’s –  a class for the elderly, perhaps people who are suffering from Parkinson’s or MS. A boxing class about getting fit without getting hit and it was piloted first here in Christchurch.

Staying innovative and exploring fitness technology is a real trend at the moment so 1MoreRound is leading the charge with Australasia’s first punch-tracking class – Turbo Box – we’ve tried to be ahead and stay ahead.

A few mantras that Deacon likes to use about what we are and who we are. We’re not boxers, we’re fighter’s team. Everywhere in your life you have struggles. Discover your fighting spirit, be honest, be confident, believe in yourself. Fight: Knowing it’s going to be hard but do it anyway because know, that in the pain is where you find your power.

1MoreRound is located at 166 St. Asaph Street  - Deacon’s got some free boxing class passes, come and see the spot. Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/1MOREROUNDBOXING/



Peter Wells is from the Food Resilience Network and he is hosting a Potluck Dinner event at the XCHC Exchange Café on 376 Wilsons Road this Friday 24th Nov at 7:30pm, come along and bring a plate!

28th November - Canterbury Start-Up Expo in the Silks Lounge at the Addington Raceway from (9am -12:30pm)

Angus is a graduate of Ara and studied software development and is looking for employment opportunities contact himat anguswhitehead@me.com

First Thursdays Chch Festival – arts festival takeover in Colombo Mall – December 7th (5-9pm) in Sydenham all the galleries are open late and it’s a great way to support the arts. If you’re interested check out the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/firstthursdayschch/

Jamie’s here from San Francisco – she works in marketing strategy but at the moment she is developing an app for conflict resolution, where users can log on and submit their issues anonymously and then a third party will act as a reviewer or help bring about a solution. It is currently still in the V2 beta testing stage, if you are interested to test it out in these early stages please visit – www.worldsconflict.com  (come and check it out!) 

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If you have an idea you'd like to pitch get in touch with Gina at gina@ministryofawesome.com