Event RECAP: Coffee and Jam 172

At this session, Derick Lotz is pitching Astrova Technologies and Barbara Forbes is speaking on Business Structures.


Speaker One 

Derick Lotz, CEO and founder of Astrova Technologies wants to give businesses the ability to interact and engage with customers using near field communication enabled tags (NFC) and the technology on your smartphone.  These NFC tags can be placed on posters, tables or even business cards to engage potential or current customers. If customers have a smartphone and come within 5cm of the tag your business information or whatever data you place on these tags will pop up on their phone. Everytime a NFC tag is scanned it creates data which your business can use to further improve. 

Astrova Technologies is currently looking for back end software developers to create some sort of cloud platform, investors and partners/collaborators. 

For more information contact Derick at Derick.lotz@gmail.com or 0278782406 


Speaker Two 

Barbara Forbes spoke about business structures and how important it is to think about the framework of how a business operates. Tax, risk, ease and future proofing were the main factors that she reminded us to think about.

Whether you're a sole trader, in a partnership, in a limited partnership or part of a company it is vital that you carefully consider what situation you are in when starting a business. Getting the right advice and having an understanding of the different aspects that come with each type of business will prepare you adequately for your journey. 



  • Agi Safitri is looking for a job. Agi has previously worked for a not for profit organisation in Jakarta as the programme manager for rural dairy farmers and biogas. She has a passion for facilitation for transformation. You can contact her at acsafitri@gmail.com or on 0274778003.


  • Cultivate Waste are interested in any offices in the CBD who want to use their organic waste services. Contact Louis Go at louis@cultivate.org.nz or on 0211840733


  • Arun Kumar is also looking for a job. He has a background is mechanical engineering, business management and marketing. You can contact him at makmcto@gmail.com or on 02708736242


Hope to see you next week!!!