Startup Breakfast Club December

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

Join this session to learn all about what to action and what to avoid before launching your startup. December’s in-person event will feature four early-stage startup founders who’ll share how they successfully got their venture off the ground and adapted their business to the pandemic.

You’ll gain first-hand tips and ideas to help you go about conducting market research, coming up with a beta testing plan, and on how to onboard new leads.

Get your insights, meet your startup tribe, and enjoy the free-flowing coffee and breakfast nibbles. Thanks to MYOB, it’s all free so secure your spot now!

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Meet Your Speakers


Fabian Kulpe

Founder @Halo Asset Protection

Fabian Kulpe is the founder of Halo Asset Protection, a Saas business focused on providing asset management and preventative maintenance services to commercial kitchens. With his background in the events and hire industry, Fabian saw an opportunity to grow a new business from a necessity to pivot an existing one in a market hampered by Covid-19.

Fabian will share his tips and tricks on how he prepared Halo for launch to market. 

Henry Nguyen

Founder @Vanteks

Henry is a founder of Vanteks, which specialises in developing & commercialising preventive health technologies. People usually call him an innovator because he invents cool machines to solve daily problems and has brought home several awards for his innovation.

 Henry had three years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer developing wall clamping robots when we worked for Invert Robotics. Today he will be talking to us about his journey, preparing his launch to market for Vanteks.

Toby Skilton

Co-Founder & Product Owner @MenuAid

Toby Skilton is the Founder and CEO of Mutu. Like most start-up founders Toby wears many hats but he mostly spends his day to day working on new leads, looking after existing partners and overseeing the product vision for the company. A fun fact about our founder is that before the pandemic he had spent the last seven years working on and off as a ranger in South Africa. 

Toby will be sharing his experience of building his team through hiring with a remote-first approach.

Elise Hilliam

Co-Founder & Nutritionist @MenuAid

Elise is the co-founder and nutritionist for MenuAid which is a newly launched food technology company that has just joined Te Ōhaka. While studying at Otago University she graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Sports & Exercise Nutrition and a post-graduate diploma in Human Nutrition. 

Elise plays a pivotal role in reviewing our chefs’ recipes and working with them to ensure that MenuAiders are getting the best out of every meal. She has previously been working as a Project Manager and is loving getting stuck into the startup world. 

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