Startup Breakfast Club: Growth Hacking: Hints and Tips for growing within the NZ Market

Ministry of Awesome's STARTUP BREAKFAST CLUB powered by MYOB is made for all budding entrepreneurs and start-ups in Christchurch.

This is your monthly morning caffeine hit where you will find valuable social networks, gain business insight, and find the critical support you need to power your business forward. 

At this month's Breakfast Club, we'll explore Growth Hacking: The tips and hints for growing within the NZ Market, including marketing strategy, social media and publicity. The much hyped term for rapidly iterating strategies that drive startup growth. For a startup, growth is everything - it is the only metric that matters when all is said and done. Without growth, there is no success.

We are really proud of the panel we’ve gathered for this very special Growth Hacking Startup Breakfast because they are all no-hype practitioners of the key disciplines that drive growth. We'll be joined by:

Owen Scott - co-Founder of Concentrate who specialise in developing more leads, more sales, and more customers for some of NZ’s leading tech companies.

Melissa Baer - Director of Vibrant Farms and Co-lead of South Island Chapter: Canada New Zealand Business Council 

Nick Burns - Co-Founder and Chief Story Teller at Sell More Tech.

Shelley Magic - MYOB's Product Marketing Manager

And of course, our MC, Marian Johnson, who has herself done a fair amount of ‘growth hacking’ in the past in her roles at tech and media startups over the last 5 years.

Thanks to our friends at MYOB there will be breakfast treats to keep your brain and tummy wide awake, and our friends at The Sailors Son will provide free-flowing coffee. It's an absolutely FREE event, so claim your spot by registering now!You won't want to miss this great opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and to learn from industry veterans who have been through the start-up and can help you along your journey.

Startup Breakfast Club is ALWAYS sold out in advance so register early to make sure you don’t miss out. Register by Tuesday 19 June.

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