Startup Breakfast Club – October


So you’ve got the talent, you’ve got the tech, and now it’s time is to get some customer traction. But, where do you start?

Join us back in-person this October to learn all about earning your first paying customer. In this session, three dynamic startup founders will share their first sale stories. You’ll gain first-hand tips and tools to convert critical customers, and learn about what it means to have a repeatable sales process.


Meet Your Speakers

Jules Huguenin 
Founder @UnKnot Solutions

Jules is originally from France. In 2016 he moved to New Zealand. Over the past 5 years, he has worked with maintenance service providers for Kiwi industrial businesses. He started Unknot to connect maintenance engineers to their machines and end-users by using industrial IoT devices connected to an online dashboard.

Richard Appleby
Founder @Moover

Richard co-founded Moover, an Agritech company in late 2020. Moover is focused on the agricultural sector. Richard has an extensive background in dairy farming,having worked on dairy farms professionally for a decade. Richard has qualifications in agribusiness management and experience in dairy consulting.

Hannah Hardy-Jones
CEO/Founder @The Kite Project

Hannah is the Founder of the Kite Program – A unique wellbeing app platform that can be easily customised and tailored to suit any audience. Hannah works with corporates, specific initiatives such as the UK Government Kickstarter scheme, industry groups, as well as projects for specific mental health conditions. Hannah has an extensive background in HR, and is a mental health advocate- speaking openly about her own mental health journey to reduce stigma.


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