Te Ōhaka showcase

Step into a world of inspiration and connection at the Te Ōhaka Showcase – a spectacular in-person event that shines a spotlight on the incredible stories that define Te Ōhaka – the centre for growth and innovation. 

Experience the magic that happens when determined Ara students join forces with innovative high-growth startups. 

Hear from students who have embraced innovation and entrepreneurship to reshape their journey. Their stories will illuminate the path to success through Te Ōhaka.

You will hear from...

Ara: Glynnis Brook - Executive Director - Academic Innovation and Research Division

eClean: Ngarie Scartozzi - Founder, Sarah Fitzpatrick - Ara Student

WellNow: Melanie Lynn - Founder, Rohan Kinraid, Ara Student

Hail: Stuart Dillon-Roberts - Founder, Guy Smith, Ara Student

Seismic Shift: Ben Exton - Founder, Joe Squires & Dan Flanagan, Ara Students

Kit Hindin - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lead

Icehouse Ventures: Stephanie Benseman - Partner