#TECHWEEK SPECIAL: How to Build and Manage a Cross-Border Startup Team

Join us at this Virtual Event and learn how to build and manage a cross border startup team.

Ministry of Awesome is a force for high growth startups and innovators in New Zealand. Our startup incubator at Te Ōhaka in central city Christchurch is the most prolific early stage startup incubators in New Zealand.

We are proud to provide this TechWeek exclusive sharing session featuring Cortilia Lin, founder of Kyalio Healthcare. Cortilia is one of the hugely valuable mentors from our incubation programme. Cortilia founded Kyalio Healthcare – a mixed reality and AI medical education startup – in Singapore and set up operations in Singapore, Taiwan, and the Netherlands. Her expertise has been featured in Harvard Business Review and her leadership across the data science, healthcare, and startup sector is well recognised.

This sharing session will focus on Cortilia’s experience and recommendations in building a cross border remote team as a startup founder.