The Launch Club Half Day

Ministry of Awesome's Launch Club half-day workshop is packed with value! 

"It's like a gym membership for your business! I can go outside and run for free but sometimes I just need someone to push me." - Mike Smith, founder Cuddly Claws and Launch Club Member


Learn practical, actionable, and fundamental basics to how to run a business. Not just that! We've created an open and supportive environment where you can tap into our networks and build on the collective knowledge of experts in the industry.

This workshop is for the 8th of November and ends with Coffee and Jam!

Launch Club is a workshop series tailored to early-stage entrepreneurs who want to learn business basics in an immersive and interactive setting. This workshop is for those who want to really get their idea off the ground and dedicate time to it without interruption. 

The workshop includes:

-Covering topics in market research, validation and customer discovery. Is your business viable? Are you solving a problem your customer has? Come learn from others who've done it before! 9am-12pm. 

-Pitching tips and examples during Coffee & Jam (including great networking and connections with other startup founders and community members). 12:30pm-1:30pm at EPIC.


You don't have to do it in isolation anymore! Come along for the ride and take your idea to the next level!


You can get your tickets from the following website for only $60