10 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

At last month’s Startup Breakfast Club, we caught up with Krissy Sadler-Bridge of MYOB, Jen Heuett from Altitude Media and Luke Eason from Harvey Cameron. Each provided a valuable overview of digital marketing in all its forms and why it’s important for startups.

These were the top ten takeaways:

  1. 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine, so it’s worth noting the importance of search engine optimsation.
  2. Understand the two elements of Search Engine Optimisation; on-page SEO is everything you can directly control on your website and off-page is anything else on the internet that points to/mentions you.
  3. Don’t focus your efforts on vanity leads or likes, focus on conversations and click through rates.
  4. You have the opportunity to create an amazing customer experience even before they show up, use it.
  5. Schedule your content in advance and create monthly themes that help you stay in the zone.
  6. Social media s your business’ first handshake, it’s a key part of customer service.
  7. Show up and show your face. People want to see people.
  8. Google is the gatekeeper, keep up to date and create content around that a theme that adds value and builds authority.
  9. Always measure your results to figure out what is actually working.
  10. Look at Google Analytics and analyse what ratio of organic traffic to other traffic. Has your organic traffic increased since making SEO changes a month ago.