And…we have a winner!

It’s been a huge week of startup success stories for Ministry of Awesome, ChristchurchNZ,  Ara Institute of Canterbury, and the startups based out of our Te Ōhaka – the Centre for Growth and Innovation startup hub. 

What do startups need?  Customers! Enter FoodStarter where alongside Foodstuffs New Zealand, we crowned Lilo and Kaitahi the winners of this year’s programme.  The prize? – guaranteed national launch across every New World in the North and South Island.  It’s huge and hard work to get ready for that launch which is where Ministry of Awesome comes in to support that startup growth journey alongside the Food Innovation Network and Strategy Creative

Huge thanks to Foodstuffs North and South Island, the Food Innovation Network, Strategy Creative, and Stuff Media as well as to every single one of the 215 Kiwi food and beverage startups who participated in the programme.  We see you!

There was and continues to be great national media coverage around the programme.  If you’re interested in checking that out or learning more about the programme, visit www.foodstarter.co.nz

Another excellent milestone from this week belongs to Te Ōhaka based healthtech startup, Myovolt, who has officially launched its wearable vibration recovery product to North America with shipping to the States beginning later this month.  Myovolt are the pioneers of patented, science-backed wearable vibration technology that uses focal vibration to massage muscles, stimulate blood flow, promote localized circulation, relieve soreness, and increase flexibility for athletes on the move.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this key milestone, have a look at their press release here.

Over at Pyper Vision, the team has been hurtling towards their scheduled NZ airport launch of their fog dispersal system in August 2021.   If you’ve ever been delayed or had a flight cancel due to fog, make sure to give a silent nod of thanks to the Pyper Vision team who will – someday soon – make this irritation a thing of the past.  

Pyper Vision has completed its most recent funding round of just over $1m and is hiring an operations manager for their Australian activity.  Check out the job listing here if this is of interest to you or anyone you know.  They are also looking for some expertise from anyone with experience in aerial videography to join a brainstorming session.  If this sounds like you or anyone you know, kindly get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll pass your details along to Emily. 

So – there it is – a trifecta of awesome results this month for this amazing group of early stage startups.   A huge shout out to the NZ startup and innovation community that makes our world go round!