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Welcome to seeds, a weekly show where Steven talks purpose with inspiring people making a positive impact with their lives.  With a particular interest in social enterprises and entrepreneurs. Listen to them reflect on their journeys and take time to dig deeper in order to better understand what really motivates their choices.  Be added to a monthly notice with a link to the latest shows by emailing [email protected].

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Why Social Enterprise needs to rejuvenate its legal structure: Steven Moe

Social enterprises combine entrepreneurial spirit with a strong dose of ‘heart’ as they work to make a real difference in our world. And it is not just part of a temporary trend. The 1,600 people who assembled last month in Christchurch at the Social Enterprise World Forum demonstrate that.

But how should social enterprises set themselves up? Would a legal structure created for these ventures help?

All of us want to lead lives of purpose and meaning, and more businesses are seeking to position themselves in that direction as the old paradigms are tossed off the throne that profit and private wealth creation is king. New Zealand has the chance to be a true world leader through a new social enterprise legal structure that other countries would look to as an example, and which the next generations that follow us demand.

Steven Moe has a free e-book available, Social Enterprises in New Zealand. For a copy email: [email protected]

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Five Key Questions for Kiwi Social Enterprises: Steven Moe

Social enterprises are everywhere right now. But what are they? And how do we make sure they are not just businesses exploiting a trendy term? Lawyer Steven Moe outlines how social enterprise can become a legitimate force for good.

Social enterprises seek to make a change in the world by combining both profit and purpose. Anecdotally there is definitely a move towards this new way of thinking being applicable for both existing businesses and new startups.

But what does the social enterprise road actually look like and how do we know if we are even on it?  What shape will the social enterprise sector now take here in New Zealand, after having its profile raised by the 1600 participants who journeyed to Christchurch from all around the world?

I think there are five critical questions we need to be asking to find the answers we need – whether we are participants, advisors, regulators or just curious (or cynical) about social enterprise.

Steven Moe is a lawyer in Christchurch who has a podcast interviewing social entrepreneurs called “Seeds: Talking Purpose” and a legal handbook that is available for free if you email him at [email protected].

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