“Chief Awesome Officer” Marian Johnson has stepped out of the CEO role

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Our ardent CEO, Marian Johnson, is stepping back from her day-to-day leadership role. Starting Monday, Marian will focus exclusively on our Electrify Aotearoa women founders conference and accelerator programmes following a recent cancer diagnosis and the necessity for a reduced schedule that befits her diagnosis and treatment plan.
While the timing is never right for these sorts of surprises, the upside is Marian will be able to focus on a mission she cares deeply about. As a member of MoA’s leadership team, she’ll oversee our efforts to create a more equitable and representative NZ startup ecosystem for women founders.
“I’m excited that I’m able to carve out a mission where my focus can have a significant impact. The glaring absence of women in ¾ of founder teams in NZ and the significant challenges they face raising growth capital is a real problem that I intend to help solve through our Electrify programmes,” said Marian.