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How Wynn Williams can help you

Governance: Wynn Williams regularly works with start-ups and SMEs advising in that early-growth stage of the business lifecycle, including how best to structure your business from the outset, advise on company incorporation through to preparing a constitution and shareholders’ agreement – all with the aim of reducing risk and expense to your business further down the track.

Commercial: The Wynn Williams team can also assist with preparing/reviewing a range of commercial day-to-day contracts such as non-disclosure agreements, terms of trade, website terms of use, privacy policy, supplier and customer contracts. Having contracts with suppliers, government agencies and other third parties reviewed is important to ensure your business is protected and not exposed to unfair and/or unreasonable obligations and liability.

Capital Raising: Engage Wynn Williams early in your capital raising journey. The team will assist your business with all aspects of the process to ensure you put your best foot forward, and protect the business and you as founder(s) when bringing on investors.

General Business: As a full-service law firm, Wynn Williams has specialists in all areas of the law. They can assist with all aspects of your business including employment/contractor agreements, intellectual property/trademark protection, property purchase/leasing, employee share schemes, regulatory considerations and more – all of which can be important steps in your journey to owning and growing a successful start-up.

How EY can help you

Government Incentives. Our team of R&D tax professionals combines experience in science and engineering technical fields with specialist grant and incentive program knowledge to help you navigate the programs on offer in the jurisdictions you operate.

Private Tax. EY Private Tax teams are dedicated to supporting your unique ambitions. Whether you are a private business leader, business-owning family, or private capital investor, together we can create, preserve and transition long-term value across generations.

People Advisory Services. EY People Advisory Services professionals can help you effectively harness your people agenda as part of an integrated business strategy. This can translate into a competitive advantage by helping you get the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right place, for the right cost, and doing the right things.