How Paul Got Back on Track in His 20-Year Entrepreneurial Journey

After 20 years of navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, Paul Tranter from GAUK Media has found solid ground upon joining Ministry of Awesome’s Founder Catalyst Programme. His startup, GAUK Media, is a specialised marketplace search engine that helps consumers find the perfect product at the best price.


“I wish I'd have found Ministry of Awesome 10 years ago! Bloody awesome and just a weight off the shoulders to be meeting and talking with so many like-minded people.”


Where did the original business idea come from?

It started 20 years ago. I was an internet marketer at the time, primarily working as an affiliate marketer, finding different products to advertise each week. We turned it into a platform and have now grown it into a searchable database.


What are you trying to achieve with GAUK Media?

GAUK Media aims to provide automated aggregation of different marketplaces. It’s a single-platform, multi-marketplace aggregation search engine. Unlike normal search engines, we gather specific data that we want.


You have been developing this idea for a while. Why is this the right time to join Founder Catalyst?

I struggled and struggled, and last year I decided it was enough. I downed tools and figured we needed investment to hire a high-level CTO to fill that technical gap. That led me to research my next steps, and I found Founder Catalyst. Joining it was for the support and to hone my ideas. It turned out to be really beneficial. I found the technical lead I was seeking, and we’re working together now.


How has Ministry of Awesome helped to take some weight off your shoulders?

The pressure of trying to make decisions and not knowing if they’re the right ones, over and over, is debilitating. It gets to a stage where there’s a big cloud, a blackness, because you don’t know which direction to turn. It’s a journey, a process, but being able to thrash those ideas out, have a roadmap, and clear the air has been invaluable.


Who have you met with that has added value so far?

I’ve met several valuable people, including coaches Jeff and Zach, and my new technical lead, Josh. I met Josh at one of the meetups where we connected with different people. When we were talking, I mentioned I was looking for a technical director for my project, and he offered his help. Now, I feel like I’m on the right track again, ready to achieve what I set out to do years ago.


What is something new you learned lately?

One significant lesson I learned this year, just before joining Ministry of Awesome, is that the pressure to achieve all these goals can be overwhelming. Setting out a roadmap and constantly striving to meet KPIs used to get me down. However, talking things through and realising that the journey itself is part of the process has changed my approach.


What would you say to a founder considering joining Ministry of Awesome?

I’ve already been telling people they need to apply. For those in the mindset I was in before joining Ministry of Awesome, it provides clarity and direction. If you want to drive your business, grow, or get more customers, no matter where you are in the process, you need clarity and the right people to talk to.


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