Startup Activation Programme

Have you got an awesome business idea?

The Ministry of Awesome’s Startup Activation Programme is tailor-made to support entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators who are at the early stages of developing a new business or venture.

  • The Startup Activation Programme is specifically built for early stage entrepreneurs and startups.

    Step 1.

    Book a free 30-minute session with our Startup Activator, Jacob. He'll help you unpack your idea and run through some initial business validation with you so that you can understand your next steps. Interested? Book a session with Jacob now.



    Step 2.

    Book into one of our world-class entrepreneur training programmes. Our programmes are action oriented, will keep you accountable, and there is no substitute for the collaboration and support you will get from other entrepreneurs at a similar stage to you. For our events and training programmes, see here.


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    A Ministry of Awesome Activator Session
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    The Launch Club

    Step 3.

    Join our community and get networked in! With 75+ events every year, Ministry of Awesome always has something great going on for entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators. Check out our Upcoming Events.


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    Ministry of Awesome's Breakfast Club
"Ministry of Awesome is simply the best place for pitch coaching in Canterbury. The feedback was the most thorough and supportive I’ve ever had and really helped to take my delivery to new level.”
Carsten Grimm, The Wellbeing Game

The Startup Activation Programme is made possible with the generous assistance of: